Colors in stock:

  • Light Stone
  • Tan
  • Sahara Tan
  • White
  • Hunter Green
  • Forest Green
  • Fern Green
  • Ash Gray
  • Charcoal Grey
  • Crimson Red

Colors we can order:


Only Stock Galvalume

Corrugated Metal measures 24" (2" of overlap) wide.  We stock even lengths from 8' to 16'.

  • Barn Red
  • Burnished Slate
  • Aztec Gold
  • Desert Sand
  • Koko Brown
  • Rustic Red
  • Galv

How to order:

Are you building a shed, carport or building? We have all the metal roofing/siding to cover your needs!

Metal Roofing

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Monday - Friday 7am - 6pm       Cotulla: +1.830.879.4769

Monday - Friday 7am - 6pm     Big Lake: +1.325.884.1216

Open the 2nd Saturday in Paradise Only

Open to the Public

R-Panel measures 39" (3" of overlap) wide. We stock  even lengths from 6' to 20'. 

Anchor Plates:

Call ahead with your spec sheet and cut list and we will create a personnel quote just for you.  No matter how big or small, we're here to get your project started. 


Inner and Outer Closures. They come with or without glue.


In stock Colors:


White                                             Light Stone                                             Galvalume